RS232 Baud Rate Converter

Got two RS232 devices that won't talk ?

The RS232 Baud Rate Converter is a device which can sit in-line with an RS232 cable and change the speed or baud rate of the data passing through.

It has a 7 kilobyte buffer so a fast device can send a fair bit of data to a slow device before you run out of buffer.

Equipment which may need this:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Data logging devices
  • GPS units
  • Bar code scanners and POS equipment
  • Home Automation systems

Configuration is done by a PC running a simple serial terminal such as HyperTerminal. It can be configured from Windows, Mac, Linux and any other device which can function as a serial terminal.


  • Works at most speeds from 11bps up to 120,000bps.
    Click here to see if it supports the rate you want.
  • 7kB memory buffer in each direction.
  • Is has a female DB9 socket on one side and a male DB9 plug on the other so it acts as a pass-through.
  • Easily configured from a PC via the serial port.
  • Programmable time delay
  • Fully compliant with RS232 voltage levels.

Note that it does not support hardware handshaking or XON/XOFF flow control.